5 Selling Fundamentals

5 Selling Fundamentals

  • Amos Koren
  • 04/13/21

As much as each real estate transaction is unique and personal, there are common concerns and needs that every seller experiences. These 5 items top the list:

Maximizing Property Equity

Selling your property for top dollar is mission-critical. Whether preparing to sell a luxury compound or a studio loft, make sure your property is positioned for optimal exposure. An experienced agent will provide the right guidance and advice for maximizing its potential equity through staging, pricing and target marketing.

Powerful Network

With today’s global social connectivity, it is imperative to choose a company and an agent with a network of established relationships with potential buyers, past clients and industry experts.

Manage Risk

Every real estate transaction involves some degree of financial risk. Be smart and choose an established company and an experienced agent proven in risk management and loss reduction.

Hire an Expert

Prior to the listing appointment, prepare some questions for your agent. This enables you to get organized, feel empowered and establishes a relationship with trust and confidence.

Communicate Effectively

From the start, it is important to maintain strong communication skills with your agent. Up front, let your agent know what your expectations are, how frequently you would like an update and what form of communication you prefer (phone, email or text). This ensures you’ll be in-the-know throughout the transaction.

Work With Amos

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